trusting the process

There is nothing better than a nice shade of paint. Have you ever gone into the paint store looking for a fresh new colour to adorn your walls when you’re not exactly sure what you want but the idea is there? After talking to a very helpful salesperson and pulling many, many, many, different swatches from the rack, you’ve found it. The colour to end all colours. This is the one.

Trusting the process tbadltd

You’ve got your new hue, it’s been shaken and stirred and your drop cloth is down. You’re rocking your fanciest paint-splattered overalls as you crack that can and there it is, in all it’s glory, the perfect colour. Angled brush in hand, you start cutting in along the ceiling and there is no stopping you now. Once you’ve got the first coat applied, it’s time to walk away for the night. So long, lovely colour, it’s time to bid you farewell until morning, when with fresh eyes we will apply the second coat and all will be well with the world.

That all sounds a lot like the story of what happened to me when I picked the colour of the entire main floor of my house. Only, that’s not exactly how it went. Indeed, I did do all of those things I mentioned above but when I returned with brand new eyes - they practically popped out of my head. WHAT THE HELL COLOUR IS THIS?! You guys, it was practically friggin glowing. Like, not only is this the colour of my whole house but because it is so vast, it cost me a small fortune in supplies and paint and in that very moment it looked like vomit. And I thought I might vomit. On my vomit coloured walls. Yuck. I swear my walls looked neon, I’m pretty sure you could see them all the way across town.

neon tbadltd trusting the process

While everyone else in my family was panicking about the yuck colour of my puke walls I was hiding in the corner questioning life when I remembered one thing: it’s not done yet. And then a wave (which washed dumbfounded look off my face) hit me and I remembered something else: I am a designer. I chose this colour for a reason. I had a vision, with this strange colour I chose, and my vision was incomplete. I had to see this colour through because I knew in my heart of hearts that this was the right colour - ya. That’s why I chose it. And so we went ahead with the second coat.

You see, my husband and I were building our house at the time, so there was absolutely nothing finished about it, after all, we were merely at the painting stage. There was still so much work to be done. Once the flooring and trim were installed the paint colour seemed much less like a punch in the face and a lot more like my all time favourite, best-ever colour in my whole life.

trusting the process tbadltd

Friends, this was in 2014. My walls remain the same colour almost four years later because I trusted myself. I trusted the decision I made and I saw my design through to its completed state and I never, once looked back. Now, in the latter part of 2017, my walls have been defaced and disrespected by my loving children over and over again and they might even need some repairing (who I am I kidding-they need repairing) at this point. Guess what? I would still choose the exact same colour.

I should probably mention that this wasn’t the first time that this has happened to me…it occurred once before with a colour I picked, thinking it was grey, and it actually turned out to be quite blue - but I trusted my choice and stuck it out to the finish of the project. That one is my second favourite, best-ever, most awesome colour.