turning the nursery into a toddler room

No matter how lovely your baby’s nursery is, eventually it will need to be updated to meet the ever growing and ever changing needs of your child. These changes do not necessarily require an entirely brand new room design, but readdressing your little one’s room is inevitable. Recently, I kicked my sons crib to the curb and moved a single bed into his room. Because he is the third-born he got one of the girls old beds. By old I literally mean about eight months - these kids are growing so friggin fast. 

Toddler Room Design

Moving the boy’s crib out and moving his “big boy” bed in is not as simple as doing just that. The single bed takes up more space than the crib and in a small space such as this one, more adjustments will have to be made in order to retain a functional and aesthetically pleasing toddler room design. So I thought, “What the hell?” Let’s just redo the room for the little guy. We’ll have a better chance of not having to change it again later if we just do it now anyways.

These are the steps that I took in order to take my son’s bedroom from an out grown nursery to a room that he can grow into, from toddler to teen.

1.) Got rid of the crib. I know we’ve already discussed this step, but it is still a step so let’s go over it once more, but with more details this time around. My husband thought it would be fun to have a bonfire with the crib. I decided that we would pass it on…sorry not sorry?! Once we got rid of the crib we brought in a single bed. It’s from IKEA. The thing that I love about IKEA is that it is a great solution to the problem of kids growing so fast. I can comfortably spend $150 on a bed knowing, full well, that it is not going to last those suckers a lifetime, buuuuut it will last for exactly as long as it needs to before they grow into the next one. So when toddler version of your kid litters it with doodles, grown-ass human version will be unaffected so less stress for mama. I’d still probably be pissed about it because WHY?! It’s like you have to ruin at least one thing by scribbling all over it or you are barely even a real child. See: my bedroom walls.

2.) Rolled that rocking chair right out. The bedrooms in my house, actually all the rooms in my house, are really quite small so once the single bed made its appearance, there was no longer space for the massive rocking chair that I practically used to live in. The good news is that I no longer require a rocking chair in this bedroom and since there is also no room for it anyways, it can totally go.

3.) Tossed out the change pad. Because I chose to maximize storage in this small room by doubling my boy’s dresser as a change table (I put a change pad on top of it) all I have to do is remove the pad and voila! Dresser. If you have an actual changing table it might be time to consider replacing it with a dresser or revamping it by just pretending it’s a dresser anyways and ditching the change pad - depending on budget and resources, of course.

4.) Upgraded to an older theme. Now, this may not apply to you. It didn’t even really apply to me. When I was choosing a theme for the nursery, I did consider that my baby would eventually not be a baby forever. However, I am still going to evolve the original nursery theme into a more mature version of itself. What started out as a “Little Adventure Bear” theme is now basically just an “Outdoorsman” theme which little man can grow up with until, well until he doesn’t like outside I guess.

5.) Rearranged the furniture. After ditching the crib, glider, change table and baby theme we were left with a single bed, a dresser and a toy storage unit. Cool, I need all of those things so I settled on a layout and moved that shit around so it was all in working order. 

One sure fire way to get rid of that baby vibe in a bedroom is to get rid of the crib. It’s a painful but necessary step toward moving on from the nursery. Once you’ve got the big boy bed in place it’s just a matter of removing, repurposing or reorganizing what’s left until you have the same room that still works great but for a different purpose. To save yourself from having to do this again and again, choose a theme that your little one can grow with and spend your time enjoying their childhood because if you’re here then you already know how fast it all goes by!

Tenille Bohay