host your own paint night

Painting parties are the best kind of fun to be had with a group of a friends - and strangers too! I have personally been a guest at one painting party and have taught at several. Either way, they are such a blast.

host paint night

If you’ve got a group of friends that are chomping at the bit to go to one of these things you should seriously consider hosting your own. If you’ve got the budget for it, you could easily bring in a teacher and if you’ve got the skills for it, you could very well teach it yourself.

In January, I had a friend contact me about potentially teaching her and a group of her friends, who pitched money every month to get together and do something fun, to paint. If I am being honest, my knee-jerk reaction was like “efffffff no!” I couldn’t even imagine myself standing up in front of a group people telling them to do stuff this way and that way and how to fix that over there by doing this blah blah blah…the idea of it was terrifying but I’m a thinker so I sat on that one for a bit before I gave my answer. 

Clearly, the conclusion I came to was a solid yes and I am now contacted regularly to teach painting to all different types of groups of people. I’m not saying that you should host a painting party to make a career out of it, I’m saying you should host a painting party because they are so much fun.

To host your own party you will need:

A venue. This doesn’t have to be a giant hall that costs a fortune to rent for the night, or a bar that serves drinks and appy’s (although that shit is a great time) but simply a space with tables and chairs that you can paint. I have literally done this is someone’s garage and it worked fabulously. They had drinks and appy’s there, too. So same, same.

paint party supplies

Painting supplies. I am simply saying “painting supplies” because what I have to say about one, I have to say about all paint supplies when you are doing a painting party. There is no need to purchase professional grade canvas, paints, or brushes. Student grade products are more than good enough for these events. I also wouldn’t recommend buying super cheap either, unless of course you are planning on only using any of these things once in which case, dollar store buys are perfectly acceptable.

Drinks and snacks. Depending on what you’re serving, the crowd and the venue…you may need a liquor license. There is generally a break in painting so you don’t have sit there and watch it dry, so it’s nice to have refreshments and treats in the meantime.

A crowd. Unless you’re planning a party for one, you should invite your friends. Most people are happy to drop some quick bills for an evening of entertainment and socializing. My favourite number is twelve but have hosted with more and less, we always have a good time no matter the number.

The teacher. Unless you’re planning on DIY-ing this thing, you will have to find someone to teach it. You could do like my friend did and phone a local artist, maybe you’ve even noticed that many local artists are already quite involved with teaching, so you wouldn’t even be taking a leap of faith by contacting them, or you can contact the actual Paint Nite company and have a look at their information. 

paint night host

Basically, you need a place to paint, things to paint with, some snacks and someone to teach the class to host your own paint party. I’m fairly confident that most teachers will provide all of the necessary materials for their painting programs, and you would only be responsible for the place. tables and chairs, and the drinks and snacks. That’s the way I've done it anyways!

Happy Planning!

Tenille Bohay