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Buying meaningful gifts for children these days, for literally any occasion, seems to be getting more and more challenging. The children in my life, family and friends alike, are all very fortunate little creatures. They seem to have everything they could possibly need, all the time.

I never know what to buy the little buggers running around at my feet. Not for their birthdays, not for Christmas...not for anything and to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of wasting money on useless junk that they absolutely don’t need or even want. Gifts like that are almost immediately forgotten and abandoned. On the other hand, I have no problem at all spending money on gifts that carry their value and give kids something they couldn’t lose even if they tried. A gift that gives and gives.

The other day, I was playing around on the internet, doing who knows what, when I came across the most adorable little Heirloom Dolls by cuddle + kind. Now because I am a designer, I immediately started imagining placing these beautiful creations in all five of the bedrooms that I am currently designing for tiny humans. The dolls were dancing around like sugar plums in my brain. I felt like I needed these sweet playthings to be apart of all of my projects...we had a connection, to say the least.

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Not only would the gorgeous dolls be a nice touch to the kid’s rooms I'm working on but they could also be a lovely gift from their favourite designer. After all, they have given me the opportunity to do what I love, why not thank them! The heirloom quality dolls complete my designs, the kids get a delightful new dolly, and I get to show my gratitude for their business. Win. Win. Win.

Seems like a lot of positives to me and as I continued to research and shop the dolls I realized that they were no ordinary dolls...extraordinary though: without a doubt. This collection of dolls was manifested by a Canadian family on a mission to feed hungry children and I whole-heartedly want to be an ingredient in this “recipe for change.”

One doll feeds ten children. TEN CHILDREN. That is friggin amazing, y’all. But get this - in recognition of world food day (at the time I was doing my shopping) they doubled it. I’m so excited that even though I know you can do the math, I’m going to spell it out for you. TWENTY CHILDREN per doll.

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Now this: all of the dolls are handmade in Peru by Artisans who receive a sustainable fair trade income. These majestic little dolls are feeding hungry friggin children and providing jobs for hundreds of Artisans worldwide.

Naturally, I was all over my husband about it like “ know all of the little people in our lives that we love so much and that are fed and watered on the daily and don’t need anything because they have everything???” Go ahead, picture the conversation hahaha but don’t forget to imagine me practically weeping as I’m telling him about cuddle + kind and their dollies. My husband is an excellent man.

After placing our order we received notification that our contribution to their cause fed, wait for it, one hundred eighty children. ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY.  This shit is bananas. Take my money. Take it all. We must feed all of the children and receive beautiful dolls that we can then turn around and give some more. SO MUCH GIVING. This is the best thing ever.

This is a screenshot from my order

This is a screenshot from my order

I’m so excited for what’s next. My husband and I are going to give the special kids in our lives so much more than we could have ever imagined by giving them these cuddle + kind dolls for Christmas. We are going to open their eyes to the truth behind these dolls and explain why they are so incredibly valuable and meaningful.

Our children are being raised in a world of abundance, we are very fortunate to not have to worry, day to day, whether or not we will be able to put food on the table (unless it's getting close to the end of the month, of course...). By giving our kids the gift of giving we are allowing our children to enter into a world of empathy, understanding and generosity. Handmade heirloom dolls by cuddle + kind are the perfect opportunity for parents to encourage these qualities in children.

This Christmas my children will spend time learning with my husband and me about world hunger. Am I trying to taint their innocence by exposing them to the harsh realities that other children experience in their lives? No. I am trying to raise to my children to want to help and be a part of something that is much, much bigger than we are and goes far beyond our own front door. They are already so kind, gentle and caring and I’m over the moon excited to have the opportunity to encourage them to help others.

I am in no way affiliated with cuddle + kind and and will not be receiving any type of compensation for writing about their amazing mission should you choose to participate in their campaign, but by raising awareness, children around the world and right here in Canada are being fed as a result of speaking out about something that I wholeheartedly believe in.

Tenille Bohay