custom wedding stationery: the design process

Your wedding Invitations are like a movie preview except that the movie is your wedding. When you are watching the preview to a movie, you get a really good idea of what to expect from it. You can pretty much figure out what style of movie it’s going to be, whether it will be a drama or a romantic comedy…I’m hilarious. 

custom wedding stationery

There is a lot of information that you can easily provide the guests of your wedding, simply by having a well designed invitation. Yes, it is very important to have a visually pleasing first impression of your big day but your wedding invitations have a purpose. It will save loads of trouble to have one where the function of the thing doesn’t get set aside for its aesthetic. This is why hiring a professional during times like these is never a bad idea.

Because I am a professional designer, I can provide you with a glimpse into what my design process actually looks like once you’ve decided to go this route. Keep in mind that I am specifically referring to my own process, while it may be similar to other professionals it may also look a bit different and that’s ok, I’d just like to give you an idea of what to expect.


1.) Let’s collaborate! I always look forward to this part of the design process. There are many ways we can connect whether it is via email, over the phone or, my favourite - over COFFEE. Your initial consultation is free and you’ve got my contact information. Let’s make it happen.

2.) Custom design, custom price. Because your custom stationery design is unique to you, so is your estimate. Once we’ve gotten together and established a solid foundation to build our designs on, gained clarity on the scope of work and products that you would be purchasing, I will provide you with a quote for the design and printing services.

3.) Deal and deposit. Once you’ve reviewed and accepted my quote, I will provide a contract - officially making us a team. Yay! After the non-refundable design fee has been paid we will move onto Step Four of the design process.

4.) It’s design time! I’ll need a minimum of three weeks to design your one of a kind wedding stationery. Once the design is completed I will provide you with proofs that you can go over with a fine tooth comb.

5.) Review and revise. Once you have taken your time going over the proofs, I will gladly provide up to two revisions on your design package. Additional revisions are welcomed and can be done at an additional cost.

6.) Looking for approval. I’ll send you a contract that gives my company your permission to move forward and print the final design.

7.) Time to print. I’ll send you a contract that gives tbad ltd. your permission to move forward and print the final design.

8.) Delivery. These are exciting times, my friend! Your custom wedding stationery will be ready for pick up, delivered or shipped directly to you.

custom wedding invitations

Eight simple steps and you are laughing your way to the alter knowing that your guests have all of the information they need to make your special day go off without a hitch (other than the getting hitched part) and to celebrate with you and your love. Also, did I mention that your invitations will be beautiful and could even be planned to match your day-of items? That’s right, folks. Hiring a professional designer means that your entire day could have one, beautiful, functional and cohesive design.

Happy Planning!

Tenille Bohay