2017 Christmas Design Collection | The Concept of Contrast

When it became time to start thinking about design concepts for my Christmas Collection I took it back to the basic principles and as it relates to Christmas and to me personally, I chose to focus on contrast.

tbadltd christmas contrast

Brace yourself. There is an astounding amount of contrast in this collection. Contrast appears in many different ways in design, not just in the values of black and white. I used contrast in shades, contrast in colour, contrast in time, contrast in ideas and even personal contrasts. Contrast.

Contrast in Shades - As I mentioned before this is the basic idea of the difference between black and white and the shades in between the two. For the Christmas Collection, I decided to make chalkboard style, hand-lettered greeting cards because they are simply black and white.

Contrast in Colour - There is a clear difference in the darkness of red and the brightness of yellow. There is also a very clear difference in the contrast between black and white and colour pictures. So I’m using the principle again, with my greeting cards, as a contrast between the colours and also as a contrast to each other.

tbadltd christmas cards 2017

Contrast in Time - The set of five Christmas Collection paintings are directly inspired by vintage Christmas cards. They are a literal reference to the past contrasted by modern colours, patterns, shapes and styles. The original, vintage versions of these paintings have muted, nearly neutral or monotone colours where mine are brighter and more intense. The subject matter in the original versions are slightly more realistic and mine are heavily cartooned. 

Gifty Girl Contrast.jpg

Contrast in Ideas - Paintings inspired by vintage cards and painted in a modern style. Cards based on the simple use of two colours and paintings using many different colours. Cards with simple designs and busy, heavily patterned patterns. Modern and vintage. Contrast.

Personal Contrast - Sometimes, if I’m being totally honest with you, I feel a little bit like the Grinch. The contrast there is that I am pouring my heart into this season, trying to spread Christmas cheer and design the perfect decorations, gifts and cards when what I really love about Christmas time is the food (obviously) and the gathering.

grinch tbadltd

Although I’m sure that if I delved into these designs a little deeper I could certainly find more ways in which they are contrasting - the intentional contrasts remain shade, colour, time and ideas. And because I love to over share - personal.

Merry Christmas Y’all.

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