the adventurous little bear : nursery design

You know when something incredible happens, something that you always knew would indeed happen, but then when it finally does you don’t even know what to do with yourself? Yah. That! That just happened to me.

little adventurer

After more than six crazy years, five vehicles, four part-time jobs, three houses, two daughters and one son - we are crib free. It didn’t really hit me until we had to move the girls into bunk beds in their room, then move one of their old beds into my sons room and then move the crib on out of the house entirely. I still can’t believe that we are through with the baby stage. It’s wild. And also, really exciting. You should be excited too, since getting rid of my crib also means getting rid of my nursery, and that means a freebie for you, girl!

My husband and I wanted to celebrate this new phase of life that we're entering, but in very different ways. He figured we should have a bonfire *eye roll* and I said we should pass it on. So we played a game called “I win” to decide! I’m not stopping at the crib. My son’s room was themed for “The Adventurous Little Bear” after all, we are passionate about fishing, camping, hiking, being in the mountains in general…you get the picture. Literally, I’m giving you one of the pictures I drew and painted to decorate my little fellas nursery, uh huh- it's the bear! This is the ultimate way for me to move forward with the process of turning his nursery into his big boy room. You help me move on, and I’ll help you get started. Life. Is. Good.

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Also, I’m providing you with all of the information on where and how I put little man’s nursery together, so that you could literally build the very same nursery and I won’t mind at all, after all it was a friggin adorable bedroom, why wouldn't you?

Paint. Because the bedroom the boy inherited was originally my free spirited, bohemian daughter’s room, he also inherited the yummy orange paint colour - I did not feel like repainting, we had only painted it a few months before we realized we were expecting our third child. I feel very connected with the colours that I choose to put on the walls in my house. I believe, wholeheartedly that they are my colours and they suit my family perfectly. I think its important that you feel the same way about the paint you put on your walls. They are yours after all. The delicious tangerine colour is a Benjamin Moore colour called Gerbera Daisy. I always use Benjamin Moore. Not only because it’s available to me locally but also because I have never been disappointed. Especially not since they came out with their primer / paint combo aura.

Bedding. Every bed in my house is clad in Brunelli bedding. Even the spare room, even the couch blanket is Brunelli. I legitimately have a quilt set from Brunelli that is ten years old and you would never know. These quilts to me are more of an investment because they can stand the test of time - even my kids haven’t been able to manage to ruin their bedding, and kids are hard on things, which is exactly why I don’t really invest in nice things…they usually get destroyed within a few months of ownership. My couch, for example…ugh.

I also had my heart set on sewing a quilt for my baby that we could keep forever and maybe even return to him when he’s a grown ass man and having kids of his own. I’m not a very talented seamstress but I did manage to put together a very adventurously themed quilt for the little dude. So if you’ve got the urge but not the confidence, let me be the one to tell you that if I can do it - you can do it too!

Furniture. Oh man. We picked our nursery furniture out in 2010. SEVEN YEARS. Wow. Anyways, she says through her tears while gently sobbing, our furniture was ordered through Sears. I don’t know what the current state of Sears is but I’m pretty sure they are becoming less of an option so I will just tell you what we picked and how it’s managed to see us through these past seven years and our three children. We always knew we were going to have more than one child as long as the universe would let us, but when we were choosing a crib we actually planned to buy a new one for each child as they were born. We thought that perhaps they would have their own personalities and that we would want different things out each crib depending on the child. So we picked a white 3-in-1 crib that would comfort our baby from birth right into her teens. Obviously this crib has absolutely been able to hold up its end of the bargain, even though we never transitioned it to the toddler or full size bed. So when you’re planning your nursery there are definitely some considerations to make regarding furniture. More on that here.

As for the change table and armoire, also from Sears, we chose a Canadian made matched set with wainscotting as drawer fronts. I loved having an actual change table with side rails and designated storage areas for things like diapers, wipes and creams. There were also a couple of drawers that were great for housing our baby’s sleepers and other clothing items you sometimes needed to be able to access without turning away from the table. I also loved the armoire, it was very convenient for storing things like burping clothes and extra blankets. It also had a few shelves that are must for any nursery so you can display all of the special things nurseries have that need displaying - hand molds, birth plates, pictures and what have you. These pieces did us very well, but they didn’t stay with my sons nursery for very long as I had an heirloom dresser I really wanted my boy to have, so we passed the other set on to our friends - who are still using the set today.

Window Coverings and Rugs. I learned very early on with my first born that black out curtains are very handy to have! I found a great set of vibrantly coloured curtains at Walmart for my daughter, and have purchased the same set four different times (three for my kids and one for my niece) and in four different colours. They work and they’re pretty!

When we buy rugs…ugh how do I put this nicely. We have a dog and three kids. When we buy rugs we basically buy them knowing that the likelihood of us having to replace them is about 100% so we go to IKEA for those as well. You can’t beat the pricing and the colour / pattern selection is decent. 

Artwork. You’ve already figured out that I designed the artwork for my son’s nursery myself. I mean, it’s what I do! If you love the little bear with war paint, please do help yourself to it’s free printable. 

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Besides the watercolour paintings, I also spent a lot of time on YouTube learning how to make dreamcatchers so that I could make my son a dreamcatcher mobile. It fit the theme perfect and turned out really well. I bought actual arrowheads for the mobile, which we moved out of arms reach once baby started moving around a bit, that shit is dangerous, ours is hanging from the ceiling now and will likely stay in the big boy room since it was such a great piece.

If you like my style and want to take a stab at either imitating or recreating Bear’s nursery, all of the information is available to you now. I am also quite willing to answer any questions and offer advice to you about how to achieve an adventurous little room like this one. All you have to do is ask. Smiley face.