the explorer

For three years my husband and I have been on the hunt for a second vehicle. We had been cruising Kijiji forever and by the time we actually did pull the pin and make a purchase, I was positive that this was going to be the one. We felt so good about the vehicle that we finally decided to buy. It was everything that we imagined we needed to get around with our family in. It even had leather with heated seats (can I get an amen!) and, bonus, a DVD player!

Everything was right with the world when we came across this gem which we have now named "Pearl" because she's pearl white and it works well with our other vehicle "Ruby" the Burgundy half ton. She's an older Ford Explorer and let me tell you about the adventure this old bitch has taken us on.

Straight out of Onoway, Alberta, Pearl and her previous owner, Len had us totally smitten over the both of them. Pearl is exactly like the best vehicle I ever owned (an old escape) except she's big enough to seat my children safely and comfortably. I loved her right away and my husband loved her once they officially met. Well ok then. Let's take the old girl home. We exchange cash and the bill of sale and then we ask for the keys and Len hands us a single key. Not two keys, no fob. Nothing. Ok, shit that's going to be a couple hundred bucks to replace but look at Pearl, she's a beauty. No problem.

We are happily driving the three hours back to Wainwright with Pearl and hubby starts pulling black electrical tape of the dash and - oh look at that, there are lights on under those suckers. Ok, no big deal we can pump up the tires and get the ABS fixed, sure. We were still confident, the whole three hours home, that we had finally made a good purchase. Now let's pick up the kids from Gramma's house. Husband, you take Ruby and the kids, I'm going to drive my shiny Pearl home! I'm so proud to finally have my own vehicle again. Well. Gramma lives a whopping three blocks from us and in less than those three friggin blocks, I knew. Something is NOT right with Pearl. We will just take her in and get her checked out. We've got to make sure she's safe before we move the carseats over. Ya ok, $4,200.00 and a new transmission later and Pearl is running like a charm. Then I got a whole week out of her before her brake pads started grinding up on the rotors. Friggggggggg. 

Then there's Len, whom I actually adore. Even though there seems to be no way that he didn't know about the problems that we would face with Pearl (umm black electrical tape? wtf), I'm still choosing to believe that he had no idea. I totally fell in love with the old dude, and so did my husband! I literally talked with him on the phone for hours before we drove up to Onoway to meet him and even after when I let him know about the trouble he'd given us. Gah. 

Well Pearl, old girl, we're in it for the long haul now, sweetheart!