let me introduce myself...

Hey y'all, I'm sure that if you are reading this you, most likely, already know me and are a super awesome person for supporting me on my crazy adventures as tenille bohay art & design ltd. unfolds into...well, something...hopefully.

Because it has been such an awful long time (umm, like three months almost to the date) since I've shared anything about what's going on around here I figured I should re-introduce myself, especially since SO MUCH has happened in the aforementioned three months!

Let me introduce myself. I'm a mess. My name is Tenille and I am a wife, mother of three (5 and under), artist, designer, housewife, maid, taxi service, cook - I'm just like every other mom and wife whose number one interest is to have a loving, happy, healthy family. But I'm also a member of this family and my happiness is very much encompassed in all of those things however, I have this relentless, nagging creative side that refuses to be ignored because of the  artist / designer thing.

Recently (ahem, in the last three months), my husband and I decided to go big and really dive into giving my creative urges a presence in our lives. We incorporated tbad ltd., to apply for a loan - that we didn't get, to buy a building on Main Street in Wainwright - that we didn't obtain. So that was a roller coaster in itself, but now we have a friggin legitimate business to manage! Ok, so plan B then. Let's just do what we were going to do in that building but from home, and with none of the advantages of having a space on Main Street. Great. Put the kids in Daycare part time, apply for a smaller loan to launch the business, work part time for papa and part time for tbad ltd., enter the Bridal Show and the Art Show and everything is going to work out perfectly. Right? Right?!

Wrong. Let me introduce myself. I'm a mess. My name is Tenille and I am a wife, a mother of three and my family and I are floundering trying to stay afloat in the sea of what seems to be very, very bad luck. I would say bad decisions but I'm almost positive that life was never meant to be a cake walk for us, even though we do love cake.

If I've somehow managed to get and maintain your attention, feel free to follow me on my journey through this mess that I've gotten myself into. With a little bit of hard work and dedication, I imagine it will all work out, won't it??

If you're looking for a theme song (and you like loud noises) to go along with my re-introduction, you can find it here.