No building on Main Street meant we needed to find a place for tbad ltd. to live and that meant we needed to make room in our house. I will never complain about my little, yellow house but between my husband, three children, dog and me - we are a little tapped for space. Until we are able to finish the basement, even partially, I will continue to work at my kitchen table.

I will also never complain about my kitchen table. It's beautiful, solid wood and it was free. My issue is not with the table at all, my issue is with my own inability to separate myself from my table. Which doesn't seem like that big of a deal, actually it just seems weird, until I tell you that it is interfering with my ability to focus on what's really important. My family, particularly my kids. They always want me to get them a snack or to play with them or do crafts at the most frustrating times. I'm in the middle of something, guys, come on! Don't they know that I'm trying to get my work done?

No. Of course they don't know that. Nor should they. My kids don't deserve to have their needs set aside so that I can focus on this odd little relationship I'm in with my table. They deserve better, but there is still so much work to be done. So my husband and I decided it was time to give the kids the opportunity to attend Daycare, but only part time, so that mom can have her cake and eat it too.

Daycare is going to be an impossible pill for me to swallow. How can I possibly feel guilty for sending my children somewhere that they will play and laugh and learn all day? Umm because I'm a mom. There is no escaping the mom-guilt. I'm sending my kids somewhere that the focus is totally on the children and their well-being, somewhere that they will learn things that I will never be able to teach them - part time - and I feel horrible

How can I possibly feel good about sending my children to Daycare just so that I can get some friggin work done-AT HOME? It just seems like so much to ask and then it happens and let me tell you something that makes me feel wonderful. They love Daycare. They look forward to spending time with the caregivers and playing with the other kids. And guess what else? By the time the day is done (and I can hardly wait to wrap my arms around the little buggers) I have finished my work for the day.

They play at Daycare, I work at my table and when we're all ready to be home, we are. And when we're home all together with dad after the day is done we are all there. Like really there. Present. And that overwhelming feeling of guilt I have for shooing them off to Daycare while I work, suddenly doesn't feel as strong.