the honeybee nursery

Inspired by the insanely hardworking, functional, totally necessary and obviously very cute honeybee, this gender neutral nursery concept was designed to work for you and, more importantly, your baby. 

Honeybee Nursery Design

Based on the apparent effects of colour on infants, the Honeybee Nursery Design encourages development and appeals to your newborn from birth straight into childhood.

At birth your baby can see, and is fascinated by, high contrast black and white patterns. I have applied this concept to the Honeybee Nursery Design using random grids and dots. Because a few weeks after baby is born she can see her first colour, red, and three to four months later the full colour spectrum (but especially bright, bold, primary colours) I took this information straight to heart and went for it with the Honeybee Nursery Design colour palette using mostly red, yellow, orange, black and white with green making a little bit of an appearance as well. 

Bee Pattern tbadltd

Having several different colours in play is actually an advantage when using the nursery as a developmental tool for your baby and apparently it works on the dinner plate (when they get to that stage) as well but I have yet to see any success in that department with my own kids...*facepalm*

Using a wide variety of colours in the nursery palette is not only very stimulating for babies but older children tend to prefer these bright, bold, primary colours as well - making the Honeybee Nursery Design a healthy candidate if you’re hoping that your initial nursery theme will see babe through into childhood.

Children's Toy

You might have noticed that children’s toys are often high contrast and brightly coloured as well. These toys, such as stacking rings and building blocks, are designed this way specifically to encourage development. This is because visual stimulation, done well, fosters curiosity in children as well as aids in developing attention span, proper nervous system generation and their ability to remember. So why not give the kid interesting things to look at?

Well...maybe you’re concerned about using the nursery to create a restful and calming atmosphere and you do not have a separate space for a playroom or toy room like me and many other super awesome, amazing moms with super awesome, amazing kids - good news...all you have to do is turn off the light. BOOM. Restful environment achieved, especially if you go for the super soft Sherpa throw...sweet dreams young one, for when you wake and the lights come back on or the sun shines through your window or whatever, it’s right back to healthy development and being super smart on account of great genes and Auntie Tenille’s clever, thoughtful and universal Honeybee Nursery Design.

The Honeybee Nursery Design is gender neutral, gorgeous, smart, and actually aids in child development. It was specifically designed for parents who are either not finding out the sex of their baby but are still itching to get their nursery completed before the arrival of baby junior... and for parents who are interested in having an added functionality to the design and development of their nursery and child.

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