what's happening now

Ok. So now that I have gotten my very first blog post out of the way I can focus on bigger and better (and hopefully more interesting) things.

At this point in my life I am trying to shove some creativity out of my head and into the world. Last October, after much resistance, I finally took a step towards realizing my dreams as a creative professional. I did this by submitting my application for the Wainwright Art Festival. Eeek. That was effing scary for me but after that tiny, little, baby step it was game on.

Of course, that's all past stuff and I'm trying to talk about what's happening now. Forgive me, I'm a bit of a scatter brain. Anyways...being a part of one art show led to participating in another, and another...you get it. After the Art Show in Vermilion the library contacted me about exhibiting my work there for the month of October. How awesome is that? I mean seriously, people, they contacted me. Very cool.

So. That's what's happening now. I am in the process of gathering, framing, wrapping and labelling 10 different art prints for the Vermilion Public Library in October. I would be just totally thrilled if you found yourself checking those suckers out at the library. I know the World Wide Web is, in fact, world wide - so if you cannot visit that old  house of books please feel free to check out all 18 of my current prints available in my brand spanking new etsy shop! Yes, friends things are getting pretty real around here  www.etsy.com/shop/tenellies

Thanks for stopping by!