this house we built

A couple of years ago, my husband and I did everything in our power to build our house. In 2007 we mustered up the courage to spend all of our savings on a set of blue prints and then we designed the house over and over and over until we couldn't take it anymore. At that point, we gave up everything we had (except the fishing boat) so that we could move forward in our five year plan. We sold our vehicles (except the fishing boat) we sold our house, we moved into my parents basement and then we built that friggin house. After seven years of looking at drawings of our sweet little house, we moved in. 

Despite all of the work, stress, trials and tears that were naturally associated with building a house on our own (we contracted it and did what we could as far as labor was concerned) we still managed to find ourselves very much in love with the little, yellow house that we built. And while we are finding that our work is never quite done, we are also finding that the more we put into it, the more we get out of it and the harder it will be to leave. 

When we built our house we were still a family of four. Each of our girls had their own room and plenty of space for all of their teenie weenie clothes and mountains of toys. Now we are a family of five and those two little munchkins are sharing a room while the boy has one all to himself. I guess it comes as no surprise that as we grow and change we are constantly adjusting our environment to match. But where should I put all of my crap? 

Most people who require art supplies tend to acquire many, I'm pretty sure. Well I am no exception. Today, as we made room for my oldest daughters keyboard, my junk got the boot and is now residing at the landing of my stairs in my partially finished basement. (By partially I mean that it's framed, so you can actually walk through walls, it's cool, I know.) Now, this might seem like a major inconvenience but really, it's just a couple of extra steps and a little bit of exercise because no matter where my desk is, I almost always paint at my kitchen table. Where my stuff is, is simply the place where I gather what I need for the sitting and where, maybe, I put that stuff when I'm done. 

Pretty fancy place to just set things, I'd say. Hopefully one day I can move into one of the rooms in the basement and then maybe even work in there! Although, if that's the case I might put in a special request for walls that you cannot walk through. Nonetheless, I love my house.