the hunting van

My very special project, "The Hunting Van" is complete. So complete, in fact, that it has been photographed (by me, to share with you) and given to its new owner, my mother-in-law. Now that it's all done and y'all have something to look at, I'd love to tell you a little bit more about it. 

Last October, after many, manymany gentle nudges from my MIL, I sent in my registration for the Wainwright Art Festival-which took place February, 2016. Much to my surprise, I loved it. It turned out to be the leap of faith that I needed and I hit the ground running! My MIL never doubted that I would and I'm positive that she knew I was wearing my hiking boots when we approached that mountain because I've got so many people holding my ropes there is no way I was falling. She encouraged me to paint and I really wanted to paint something just for her. 

The dashing young gentleman in the photo is my husbands Grandpa, HLU, for short-and he was short! The second I saw this photograph the gears were turning. There is just something about it. (I'm sure you can see it to, it's practically glowing with positive energy.) Over the weekend, my husband's Mother, Auntie and I were visiting and we were talking about HLU's old hunting van. The two sisters began reminiscing about their dad's old journeys and the adventures that they shared together. I hope that once the painting is home and in its place that it will continue to conjure up memories and inspire conversation between the sisters (there are a few of them) and other members of the family. It was a truly heart-warming event listening to the girls' stories and witnessing the bond between sisters as they fondly remembered HLU. 

And so, completing "The Hunting Van" is undeniably bittersweet. It's hard to let go of something with so much thought, time, heart and soul invested into it, but seeing it in its intended place will be the richest of rewards and when the birds get squawking about it, again and again, we'll all revel in that wealth. I am deeply grateful to have my place within it.