the daily prompt

One of the most valuable lessons I learned when I was in Design School is time management. When applying for school they try really hard to scare you away by threatening the heavy work load, time and commitment needed to excel in the program. Perhaps they do this to "weed out" the less determined but they for sure do it because it's totally true. 

The work load was intense but definitely not impossible. Thankfully, I only ever had to pull one "all-nighter" but I had some friends that pulled that shit at almost every big projects end. I learned so much from that program, and that one sleepless night because, let me tell you, I was making damn sure that never happened ever again. It was awful. 

Beyond that I learned quickly how to sort my workload by urgency and spread it out so that those mountains didn't seem so impossible to climb. I don't have a fancy template to offer (although that would actually be helpful) but I shall put forth my two cents. Every week and every day during the week be aware of what's on your plate. Whether it's moldy old leftovers or chicken in freezer waiting to be thawed, as long as you're aware it's there, the chances are-you will take care of it. The more urgent deadlines should come before less urgent ones, paying jobs before the not-so-paying jobs, and when something you're working on takes a lot of time to complete, give yourself a lot of time over a period of time. This will save your sleep cycle and maybe even lighten your stress load. 

Every week I go through my planner, look at the deadlines and other junk that needs to be handled and I make a plan. Throughout the week I constantly look back and peek forward to try and ensure that everything is going according to plan. Sometimes life is not perfect and the plan changes but as long as I adjust to the change- its business as usual. Staying on track and staying focused means being aware and being organized.

Being organized is a great, big part of adulting and if I can keep all my shit together then so can you!