surprise packages

As parents of three, my husband and I put a lot of focus on morals and values. I know, you're thinking "oh, great another one of those...." but seriously, kids don't always just figure things out on their own. They need guidance. So why not lead by example? I genuinely think that if  you want to raise good, hardworking people-you need to be good, hardworking people. So ya, we're awesome people because we were raised by awesome people.

On that note, my mama is constantly telling me how amazing I am and how proud she is of me. She says things like, "I don't know how you do it" and "you didn't get it from me" but I'm over here like ummm, ya. Ya I did, actually. She basically handed it to me. When I was a sweet, little shithead with barely enough hair to hold my pigtails, my mom nurtured my creativity and encouraged me to do the same. If you know my mom, you know she is unstoppable. If you don't know my mom, well, that sucks to be you. She has faced a lot in her life but I've never seen her retreat. She's coming at life with a sword and a shield-and probably some friggin ninja stars for all I know-she's full of surprises. 

Last week, after supper we found a few Christmas packages on our deck. Mom said they were "chillin" and to wait until you've eaten your dinner before you dive in. So we finished our nasty ass pizza and got to it. My mom put together a package for each of us that was specially designed for us. Meaning-she put individual packages together for each of us-there was no mass production here. My family is blended and colorful and lovely, but it's friggin huge-this project took some serious time and consideration.

The packages were invitations. Inside each package was your favorite drink, (I got a mini wine, my hubs and bro-bro got bud lights, papa got a mini vodka, lime, and mini coke...) a small party favor box with each of our favorite candies, a lottery ticket, (I won a buck!) a theme for a gift exchange and a one-page poem that explained all of the details about the themed gift exchange she had so carefully planned. There were even separate gifts for my children with their own little poems and treats inside too. 

So my mom, who "I didn't get it from" generated this sweet idea of a themed party and gift exchange, designed little invitation packages that catered to each family member individually, wrote some adorable poems, put that shit together, made it look nice and then left it "chillin" on my deck for me and my family to find. You're right mom, I definitely didn't learn to take my ideas, put them together and present them in a beautiful and thoughtful manner from you. And I definitely didn't get the drive and the dream from you, or the hard work and dedication, the follow through, the courage to put your ideas out there even though you have no clue what kind of response you'll get. Nope.

Needless to say, I absolutely did get it from my mom, this and everything else. Just because she's unaware of how her adventures and the way she walked them effected her children, doesn't make it any less true. I have encountered several obstacles on several different occasions and each time my thought process literally takes me right back to mom and how she did it. Square one. And then, hop to it, girl because you can do this- your mama showed you how.