something to share

All summer I had a full chalkboard. What this means is that I have been incredibly busy with commission work, which is an AH-MAZ-ING feeling. I am always super excited to accept new commissions. The people that hire me are wonderful and they have wonderful ideas, I can never say "it's my pleasure" when they thank me enough. But seriously, it totally is. I love this stuff. All of that being said, it's time for me to focus on some projects I have been putting off due to my aforementioned good fortune. 

First up is my art exhibit at the Vermilion Public Library which is well on its way to being ready to go. All I have left are the labels for the individual pieces. Oh eff. And a biography complete with one photograph of yours truly *face-palm*. Over wine and cheesecake (because we classy) my friend I discussed the matter of the dreaded photograph. I know that I should just smarten up and have some fancy pictures taken that I can proudly display. But I was thinking that since I almost never look fancy, I probably shouldn't represent myself that way on paper. Or anywhere. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks about this because I'm thinking my messy hair and kid-stained shirts may not be very nice to look at but if you ever saw me anywhere - other than perhaps at this imaginary photo shoot - you would get the mess. Which I'm actually quite proud of for no reason at all. So there. 

Ok next up is an on-going battle to produce art that is solely my own. Don't get me wrong I love my commission work but I've got a few ideas of my own and now that my chalkboard isn't creating as much dust as it was throughout the summer, it's time to tidy up the old brain barn by organizing said ideas and producing some g-dang art. Also, I have absolutely nothing to offer the Wainwright Art Festival at this particular moment in time and that shit will creep up on me like, well, something that creeps, I suppose. 

Last and most definitely not least. I have been pacing around the house for months trying to decide how to handle a very special project. So special, in fact that it is actually the main topic of this post. It is THE something to share. I was given an old photo and a blank canvas quite some time ago. While I have pretty much made sense of what I'd like to do with these incredibly inspiring objects I have yet to take action. As I was folding the literal mountain of laundry on my kitchen table yesterday (I know it's weird) there was a flicker of light and possibly even smoke. I had an idea, folks. I have some time in between commissions, I have inspiring objects (photo and canvas), I have the right tools for the job, and now thanks to y'all I have an audience. I'm not famous for sharing but this, I have decided, I shall share. 

So stay tuned and I'll document the "Tenille Bohay blank canvas to meaningful painting experience" and share it here. 

Stay Classy.