road trippin'

Road trip day! I'm driving a whopping forty minutes, all the way to Vermilion, Alberta, today and I'm really quite excited. I used to drive there every day when I was attending Lakeland College, it was a lovely drive. Forty minutes for coffee (and probably three cigarettes) to get the day going! I loved having that time to mentally prepare myself for the day on the way there, and to leave it all behind on the way home. 

Instead of the college, this time I am off to the library. I know, right? Geek of the week over here and I don't even smoke anymore-so obviously not the cool kind. I'm sure I mentioned  it before but I get to display my work at the Vermilion Public Library for the month of October. If I had more time, I would have designed an entire line-up based on Halloween characters, turkeys and whatnot. Although I am thankful for the opportunity nonetheless. Get it? Thanksgiving. I'm hilarious. 

I'm curious to know what kind of attire is deemed appropriate for art installations. Generally, I don't even know what to wear on the day to day but today I really don't know. This is another one of those things I don't understand, ha, there are a few. When I was in school I took a class called "Professional Practice" and on that day we were required to dress appropriately for a working environment, specifically Interior Design. I struggled with this, ohmigoodness, and still friggin do! But as someone who has a fairly decent understanding of color, design principles and elements-you'd think I could put an outfit together like a champion. Nope. My peers all seemed to be dialled right in all dressed up fancy-like with accessories and junk. Then there I'd be, totally proud of myself for finding a scarf that had the same shade of black as my skirt in it. I just cannot seem to wrap my brain around fashion. So jeans and a t-shirt is, albeit the classy kind. Wish me luck!