pump up the jam

Every once in awhile, mid-flight, something happens that just totally sucks the wind right out of my sails. Plop. Oh dear, down again...I'm pretty sure I just got back up, life, ya jerk. Thanks a lot. 

While I do believe that highs and lows are inevitable, I also believe that they are only as junky as we let them be, for the most part. That's right, my friends, I am a believer in the power of positivity. Our minds are incredible, incredible creatures. One of the ways I enjoy resuming control over myself (after being body slammed by that big B called life) is to listen to music-the motivational kind, of course. I really don't think that "Cancer" by Twenty One Pilots is going to pull your face out of the dirt, because it will actually just make you want to bury your head-to hide all of the tears. 

But if you pump up those jams that are so crazy upbeat that they make your body move uncontrollably like wacky, waving, arm flailing, inflatable tube men or make you suddenly think you're Tina Turner as you stop dead to belt out those oh, so powerful lyrics then I'm pretty sure the general direction-shall be up! 

So folks, currently my two favorite and conveniently "hip and with it" tunes (that the whole family can enjoy) for cranking way up to escape feeling down ...are as follows:

1.) Rise by Katy Perry, you can watch her video here. (For those Tina Turner-type moments)

2.) The Greatest by Sia, you can dance along while you watch her video here

Catch you on the upside :)