positive mojo flow

Good day! It is Monday and after a particularly wonderful and draining weekend filled with great big dreams and lots and lots of planning, I'm totally whipped. So it's time for some bright side work right about now to make this morning turn into another sunshiny day full of wonder. 

Ugh. I woke up this morning at the butt crack of dawn, feeling like my stomach was inside out, from a dream-filled night and some early morning stirring due to my own discomfort, the unbearable worry of the well-being of my son, and many of the other motherly duties coming in the week ahead. Of course we're all going down right now, of course. It wouldn't have been a weekend away for professional growth for this mama without the bitter taste of the ever-so-popular "mom guilt" in my mouth. So today I need to walk away (for now) from the big dream world I built over the weekend so I can carefully mend my real world back together, piece by piece until I can afford some time for my goals without having to bare the heavy burden of the aforementioned mom guilt. Ok great, now that that's out, I can let it go and move on. 

My youngest daughter has her pre-school Halloween party today. I know right, next Monday would have made more sense being that it is actually Halloween, but ok, no problem. My kids jump for joy at any opportunity to wear dress up so I shall bask in her joy and use it as fuel and turn this day around and get some positive mojo flow up in here. 

Now that I'm rejoicing today instead of dreading it, let's revert back to this weekend of discovery I just experienced. One thing in particular happened that I wanted to share. I think it should fit nicely into my little pump up session here today. On Saturday, in class, the instructor said that we all must write something down on a sticky note that we've accomplished that we need a pat on the back for. (It sounds like a mental health program but actually it's an Entrepreneurial Business course for creative professionals) This really threw me off. To be totally honest, I couldn't think of a single thing to write on my sticky.

It's not that I'm some super-human who doesn't require some kind of recognition or "pat on the back" for my accomplishments. That's not the case at all! What it does mean is that I experienced a profound moment of total gratefulness for the people in my life. My people are so incredibly supportive of me in my creative pursuit that I cannot think of one single thing that someone in my life has not recognized or validated for me, whether it was needed or necessary or not.

 If you just so happen to be suffering from a "poor me" morning filled with tummy aches and mom guilt like me, maybe just take a moment to reflect on some of the many gifts that I'm sure exist your life, and be happy. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.