painting in room 211

After four long days and three incredibly long nights, we are home from the hospital. Unfortunately, on Sunday, in the wee hours of the morning, my son arose with bright red ears, rosy cheeks and a fever that could pop the top off the thermometer. Now, three nights after sitting at a forty-five degree angle, watching my son's chest gently rise and fall, and listening to the humming of the IV machine chugging antibiotics into my eighteen month old baby, I am utterly exhausted. I am aware that I'm being incredibly dramatic but like I said, I'm a little tired. The worst part is that I wasn't the only one walking down that road. As a matter of fact, all five members of my family were fighting different battles but for the same cause, our boy. Not to mention those helping my husband with our two daughters so that I could stay in the hospital with our son.

On the bright side, what a wonder families are! It is absolutely amazing to witness the magic (the real kind) of people coming together to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. I mean, I am well aware that there are far worse things families can go through than a few nights in the hospital with a temporarily sick baby, but every single parent I know will agree with me when I say that the outside world seems to disappear when your child is unwell. Except that it doesn't. Really. The deadlines still approach and all of your prior commitments remain. At some point in the process a decision has to made about how to handle all of the life that is, in fact, carrying on beyond the doors of hospital-where time seems to stand still. 

Lucky for me, I was able to handle all of my affairs within the confines of Room 211 during the brief windows of time where my son was softly sleeping. (One of the many perks of being a stay at home mom with a little art gig on the side.) For the record, painting in a dark hospital room is neither ideal nor inspiring - but it is totally doable! Lucky for my husband, he was able to get the time he needed away from his job, without worry, to be with our family. This gave him the opportunity to be able to take the girls to school and sports, make lunches, and all of the other daily tasks that accompany parenthood, for the first time. Since his work day usually starts before the kids even get out of bed he generally misses out. Lucky for us, we have each other AND a superstar support system. 

Despite all of the panic and chaos of these past few days, I couldn't be more grateful for life's little blessings and my ultimately healthy, happy family. And my house. Which I may never leave again, I missed it terribly.