only for grateful

This time last year I painted that I am thankful for honesty. I did it as an entry into a hand lettering challenge and even ended up being featured on the @handletteredabcs Instagram page. I was a proud panda and felt honoured even though I think they generally repost all entries. Now I can't help but wonder, if I was going to enter the same challenge this year, what I would write. 

As I'm sitting at home by the fire with my family, on a surprisingly snowy, fall Thanksgiving day, I can't help but imagine all of the things in my life that I am incredibly, profoundly grateful for. And just when I think I couldn't possibly be more appreciative of all of these sugar plums dancing in my head, the sun pokes up and shines bright through the kitchen window filling the space with its warm, yellow rays. What a majestic thing the sunshine is! And so it seems that this year I will focus my attention on the light.  

The light as opposed to the dark: the light instead of the heavy. Light days, light feet, light smiles, and light colors. Light hearts, light moods, light conversation, light loads and light meat. Ya...turkey, obviously. Light because even a little bit of it makes all the difference and I am SO thankful to be in a place where my world is constantly being illuminated by the magic of life's treasures that I will never take for granted, only for grateful.

 Happy Thanksgiving to you all.