mz mcmully in the moment

So I have this friend, her name is Amanda McMullan, and she totally went out of her way to say some incredibly nice and thoughtful things about me on her blog! If you know Amanda, you know her energy and punch for life is contagious, she literally makes me want to jump up and down and smile, always. She's an amazing mama and has so many talents I couldn't list them all-we'd be here for days. I love running into her and the kiddos at the coffee shop, or anywhere really because Amanda is the kind of person who adds sunshine and bubbles to your day, you will always leave Amanda happier than you were before you were lucky enough to encounter her. When Amanda asked me if I'd like to be a part of her super fun giveaway I was like HECK YES. Collaborating with Amanda and the others from her giveaway is like being offered your dream job and I'm really starting to feel like one of the cool kids!

Thank you Amanda for always being so kind to me ❤️