it's the little things

I think I love my husband. For real. He reminded me recently how important the little things are. Obviously the big things are important too, otherwise they wouldn't be the big things. I wonder how many times you've heard the phrase "don't sweat the small stuff" because I have no idea how many times I've heard that shit but I think it's a lot. And I think it's shit. Just because something is small or minor in the grand scheme of things doesn't mean that it's unnecessary, insignificant or irrelevant. In fact, I bet if all the small things disappeared we would all be standing around with our hands up and our heads cocked wondering what the eff happened. You see, all the little details are like cheese. And the big things are like bread. If we slap the bread together it just sits there all boring and tasteless. But shove the cheese in between those bad boys and you are one step closer to a delicious lunch. 

I know I am a tad odd but as soon as I thought about small details, as they apply to my own art, line weight popped into my head the way jack pops out of the box. I can't even begin to explain how frustrating this concept is for me but I'll share some melted-cheesey old details about myself. I went to college. Twice. Never for art per-say, but I tip-toed around art like I was creeping up on Santa on Christmas Eve. As if there was ever any denying that someday my "career" might end up somewhere near, exactly, here. I know. Frustrating. During round two of my educational fight I was taking a couple of different drafting courses. I learned to draft by hand and on the computer using all kinds of fancy tools and technology. Because I'm such a gem to deal with, my instructor was constantly barking at me about line weight. I would use the same pencil all day every day for any thing, no matter what. By the end of the day he would come around my table and lift my charcoal stained hand off of my charcoal smeared drawings, take a look at the pencil in my hand, look at me, shake his head and walk away. We had had the same conversation, several times, about my stubborn and totally delusional ideas regarding these different friggin pencils and their different friggin line weights

Now, eight or so years later, as I contemplate all of the different ways I can make my "Hunting Wagon" project especially dynamic and visually electric, karma is biting my behind. The most effective way I can think of to achieve this is, you guessed it. Line weight. Dammit. Now I will gently remove my foot from my mouth, swallow my pride and leave with dignity. You were right, Mr. Instructor, sir. Line weight is important and also effective. Oh well, at least you can't say I never learned anything in college.