having a ball

I swear I'm not biased, but I'm pretty sure I just attended one of the most beautiful wedding receptions, ever. My mom warned me (before I got there to stuff the cake and the garlands with flowers) that this wedding was actually more like a ball. Oh boy, she wasn't kidding. I might have fallen over dead if I walked into a room like that and someone said it was all for me. Holy. Moley. We're talking golden candelabras and sequinned table cloths, three head of hydrangeas at each table, a candy bar, gold plates and lovely watercolor menus. Oh my! Did I forget to mention that I designed and printed the menus? I've been lucky enough to be involved in quite a few weddings this year. I've done invitations, RSVP cards, wedding programs, menus, stickers, thank-you cards, maps, chalkboards, and I'm probably forgetting some things but I'm positive that you get the point. 

Even though I actually love all of the super cool things I get to do with my art, invitations-particularly weddings- are so much fun. Sometimes it can be hard to picture something without actually seeing it and that seems to make people very nervous. Others (like myself) don't get all sweaty and panicky about junk like that because the vision is already there. It's like planting a seed and watching it grow into a flower. You can never foresee exactly how the flower will blossom but there is no doubt that it's going to be beautiful. This is why invitations are so much fun! You pick the flowers and I will hand you a bouquet.  Then you hand me a cheque. When your eyes light up, like mine did at the sight of the "Candy Bar" at my brother's wedding, I get to take a big ol' step back and indulge in the joy that I legitimately feel every time I get to witness those twinkling, little eyeballs. I love what I do. 

Being able to contribute is an incredibly rewarding experience for me, to say the least. Coming from the Church with the programs I designed and walking into that stunningly decorated "ballroom" with my designs on the tables and at the candy bar, I felt like I was an itty bitty part of something very grand. I'm incredibly grateful for that opportunity (and the exposure, that wedding was effing huge) and I wish my brother and his wife all the very best.