Once upon a time there was a girl (because she’s not yet mature enough to call herself a woman despite the fact that she’s married with children) who had big, big dreams. One day, as she arose from her delicate slumber-that was short but oh, so sweet, she decided that it was time to follow heart, down the yellow brick road, chasing the white rabbit to her very own Neverland where she could be anything that she wanted, play endlessly with her children and go on many, many adventures.

The girl was very well aware of the path that she must follow to find her Neverland and all of the very different and exciting steps that she must take along the way. That dusty, old, yellow road was no match for the girl and once she got her hands on that white rabbit she might just punch him in the face for making her run around aimlessly chasing some seemingly impossible to catch jerk with a watch. But wait! She can’t punch him because, what? He’s not even real. You have got to be kidding me. 

Perhaps, even though the jerk bunny was just some apparition designed to lead the girl all over the map, he was only trying to point her in the right direction and ensure that her compass was true. He has after all, taken the girl on many adventures and even though that curious little hazard led her in all directions beyond the yellow brick road, he never strayed her far enough away to lose sight of the golden path that would one day lead her straight to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…errr to Neverland, I suppose.

Listening to her heart and following her path and going on many adventures while chasing her dreamy rabbit to the rainbow in Neverland (holy shit) has turned out to be one of the most fantastic pursuits the girl has ever taken. A journey of discovery and trial and oh heck yes, error has lead her to this very day. The day before she, her Prince Charming and their three little munchkins all work together to make sure she can go to the “Lil Gifted School, for Lil Gifted Kids” or Shool, as I call it, and learn all about the business end of this magical little fairytale mullet. The girl is really quite excited (everyone loves a good mullet, I mean fairytale) and incredibly grateful to have the support of her family as she continues on her journey down the yellow brick road, trying to knock out that dang rabbit while heading towards her very own happy ending…errr Neverland.

 Hahaha, I’m hilarious. Happy Ending.