day-to-day to today

I'm not sure if it would be wise to attempt to pick up that book again but after yet another fun-filled weekend I am ready to retire to my couch, for like a year. Even though the entire week was exciting and daring for me, I'll just start with Friday. 

On Friday night I had the amazing opportunity of doing a paint night with an awesome group of women - and I got to be the teacher! It was a total blast and I do hope these opportunities present themselves more often because I'm absolutely tickled about it. It's kind of funny the way some things play out. When I was younger, I sat in on a grade three class at the Elementary School because I was positive I wanted to teach young children. Instead of upgrading my high school education to a level (aka get another science), that would qualify me to apply for a post secondary education in teaching, I let it go and moved on. Now that idea seems to have come full circle. Even though I was teaching grown ass women, I was still teaching nonetheless and I have my own kids now so I basically nailed it...if you ask me anyways.  

On Saturday, my two beautiful daughters had the honor of walking down the aisle with my lovely cousin, as the flower girls at her wedding. My girls absolutely adore the bride and of course having their hair done and dressing up in pretty pink dresses and glittery shoes adds icing to the cake. Congratulations to my gorgeous cousin and her handsome groom! It was wonderful to be a part of their day as I was lucky enough to do the invitations and artwork for their wedding along with my girls being her tiny sidekicks. 

After a wonderful night of dancing with my kids at the wedding, I woke up at the butt crack of dawn on Sunday and headed to the city for day four of my six day course. I have to say that it's becoming a real struggle to maintain the constant overflow of information packed into these few short days. By the end of the day my brain feels like it's ready to explode because it is capped out on not only information but also inspiration! Being surrounded by like-minded and equally as driven and passionate people has very real advantages but as I suggested before, it's slightly overwhelming as well. The chance to network is excellent and I am forever grateful for all of the things I am learning there and from those people. 

Now Monday is a fresh start to a brand spanking new week and I cannot wait to watch the days on my calendar fill up with goals, activities and to-do's. Until then, I suppose I could find my book!