content connection

My little brother smells everything. When we were younger, my mom would hand him a pile of fresh, folded laundry and the first thing he would do is bury his face in it. It was kind of funny to watch actually, I'm totally smiling while I think of it. I remember thinking he was a strange, little man until one day I smelled something familiar and it made me feel good. The scent triggered a memory and it must have been a hella good one because, again-smiling. Surely if our noses can remember, our eyes can listen - right?

Right! My favorite paintings literally speak to me. Yes like actual words that only the craziest (and by craziest I mean coolest) of people can hear and I'm all like "why are you yelling at me?!" No, I'm messing with you.  But sometimes the wee-est connection can speak volumes and even though no actual words are being said the image speaks and the eyes, they understand. I don't really believe that all paintings have some deep, embedded message or anything like that but generally, I think they have to come from somewhere. Personally, I like to paint with my heart. It makes an effing mess but...just kidding that's so gross. 

But seriously, putting my heart into a painting is very difficult for me if I feel no connection to the content. I'm confident enough in that caged little beast to say that it's a decent size but let's face it, we all have limits and sometimes it can be tough to relate. The worst part is that I can always tell when I wasn't really jiving with a painting. It's one thing for me to notice but a whole other thing if others also pick up on the awkward vibes that steam off of those dead paintings. My goal is to put out only the ones that come alive and radiate sunshine and good vibes, so you can absorb all that fun energy. This is why sharing my very special project with you is actually happening. 

I'm excited to say that I'm  as connected to the content of my current painting project as I possibly could be. It is thrilling. As you (hopefully) already know I was given a photograph for this project and even though I don't know who took the picture, my eyes heard that imaginary voice. The dashing young man in the photo is, in fact my husband's Grandfather and this makes an obvious first connection but I must say that there is more- however, I can't seem to find the right words to describe "more", so you'll just have to trust me.  

It is my opinion that if something is speaking to you - you should probably respond. When something falls into your lap, and it feels all warm and fuzzy go ahead and snuggle that suck dog, if you nurture it, it will become your friend and that will be incredibly fulfilling. On the other hand if it doesn't speak to you at all, you should probably just let that shit go. Good friends are hard to find so it's best to choose wisely. 

Here's to good friends.