break it down

In an attempt to prevent the mental breakdown, that feels like it might be just on the horizon, I picked up a new book. Last week was a whirlwind of brain stuff and mine walked right into the storm. 

Christmas is coming and one of the ways for me to earn a little extra income during the Holiday season is to sell my greeting cards. While I was in the process of dreaming up all of the ways I could get the word out about my super special cards, there were also million other things going on. It's so interesting the process our minds walk us through. Mine tends to move step by step. With the end goal in sight I usually break it down little by little, only a million little hurdles to jump before I reach the top, but I am an optimist and that generally works in my favor. One step at a time. 

The cool thing about breaking down the process in this way is that all of those tiny hurdles have the potential to be small victories-and winning is fun. Even though the struggle was very real last week, I made it through (and so did my family, thank goodness) and I am right on schedule in my Christmas Card excursion. I began by painting and worked hard to get to the point of having my order forms submitted for printing. I was hoping to have the printing done by the Friday so I could have the weekend to do laminating and put together my order package - since my card samples will be arriving Monday and I'm delivering Tuesday buuuuuut, I guess my Halloween night (once the kiddos are asleep) will be quite a lot busier than I'd hoped!

I guess I really had no right to bust out a new book, to clear my brain skies of all the residue from the tornado of a week that just passed, when the work was far from done but sometimes when you're at a stop sign it's ok to just stop. Take a quick rest, breath in then out and carry on when it's safe to do so. Unfortunately for my book though, the second I allowed myself to relax-I fell fast asleep.

I hope everyone else had as wonderful of a Halloween as my family and I did. Cheers!