a ball, after all

Even though it's already Friday and the week is nearly through, it is Fire Prevention Week which also means that Wainwright Fire & Rescue is gearing up for their Firemans Ball. Because the department is run by volunteers, this is an opportune time to do a little bit of fundraising and give even more to the community by throwing a big ol' shaker.

The firefighters get all dressed up in their uniforms and, of course, look amazing so everyone who is attending should be well aware that is a formal event. It is a ball, after all! Despite its formal nature, it is quite a party and there is a lot of fun to be had-including getting your picture taken with all of your best mates, looking good, being silly and having "a ball" in a photo booth set up by Laura Smiley Photography.

Laura is always getting involved with the community and finding ways to use her talent to give back and contribute. (I have personally taken my kids to her Halloween photo shoot, where all of the proceeds were donated to the Ronald McDonald House.) I just can't say enough about giving, it is such a major thing for me so when Laura contacted me about donating some of my time to benefit Wainwright Fire & Rescue's Firemans Ball, the answer was an enthusiastic hell yes.

Last night, my husband helped me clean off some chalkboards and he even kept me company while I put together my contribution to Laura's photo booth fundraiser. I'd be lying if I said we didn't have a drink and enjoy a little chit chat during the process. It was a good night, and it always feels so good to be a small part of something so big.